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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Painting Drama 1: Sirens 01

A few weeks ago I was part of an amazing group of students eager to learn about composition for visual storytelling. I enrolled in Painting Drama 1 at the Oatley Academy, and had the best time working on the assignments and getting to know wonderful people.
I will be posting the images that accompanied this fantastic adventure once in a while!


Here are a few from the beginning. Our first assignment was to create an image based on the story of the Sirens. But first things first. We needed to come out with many, many, many different ideas, all of them described in black and white, in tiny little thumbnails! The possibilities were infinite! We took photos, we looked for images that helped us understand the forms, we drew and drew, and doubted ourselves, and drew some more.

Then we moved to work in a few comps, postcard size. We explored them in binaries using charcoal so we could avoid drawing details for ever.

Can you see how I started producing images that did not show the story completely? There was a storm, there was tension, there was a boat... but how is the sailor reacting towards this?
From Chris' critique I learned that I was also seeing things in a theatrical way. He pointed out the lack of dimensionality, which is what invites the viewer to be involved, feel like being there, responding.

And making people feel something... that's my ultimate goal with my work! So there I was, eager to learn, wanting to understand, excited and nervous at the same time... as it's the case when one tries to connect with someone, not knowing the language.


More on PD1 soon :)