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Friday, January 6, 2017

Monet: another study :)

Thoughts while painting this other piece by Claude Monet:
- I realised that I like intense saturated colours.
- White is never just white. In this painting I tried to be conscious about the colours behind the colour, and I was so aware that they became protagonists. I would love to be as subtle and efective as Monet! So much to learn ;)
- The forest is much more abstract and dynamic in my painting, maybe because I wanted to work fast so I wouldn’t over-work some areas more than others, maybe because I was excited :)
- The lady in Monet’s painting is more grounded, still, and made of “the same substance” as the world she inhabits. The lady of my painting seems to be adjusting, less rigid but also less secure. They seem to have different personalities. This is SO interesting!

- Working on someone else’s painting makes me feel connected to the artist, I definitely want to read more about Monet’s life! ^_^