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Monday, July 25, 2011

Preparing the Tincat Show...

©2011. Skippy

The frames finally arrived! Los marcos llegaron por fín!

Some of the paintings ready to go! Algunas de las pinturas listas!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some details of What grows with trees? :)

©2011. Asleep (Dormidos)

Here are some of the paintings that belong to the exhibition: What grows with trees? ...I'm hoping to build a book out of these in the future.
Estas son algunas de las pinturas que pertenecen a la exposición: ¿Qué crece con los árboles? ...Mi sueño es poder construir un libro con todas ellas en el futuro.

©2011. Stingray-leaves (Hojas-raya) & RosJoGeraldineGina

©2011. Dive (Clavado) & Little Princes (Principitos)

©2011. Elliot the dragon (Elliot el dragón) & Possums

What grows with Trees? Challinger Gallery... map!

Royal Adelaide Hospital, Level 5 - map

If you follow this map carefully, you'll be able to discover the Challinger Gallery... and with it, my artwork!
The exhibition runs until August 8th, so take a look and let me know what you think :)

Text for the exhibit at the Gallery. (I had my hair loooooonnnger then)

Empty corridor of gallery.
Being in a hospital, images have to be hanged very high,
so children will need adults to be able to experience them!

Si siguen el mapa de arriba con cuidado, podrán encontrar la Galería... y con ella, mi trabajo! La exhibición continuará hasta el 8 de Agosto, así que todavía pueden echarle un vistazo y contarme qué piensan :)
También les comparto unas imágenes de la galería, con los cuadros colgados bien alto por lo que es en un hospital... así que los niños necesitan ayuda para poder verlos de cerca.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Amapolas de colores & Visa

We have in our small studio a bunch of poppies, orange, cream, pink and yellow. Opening slowly with the sunlight, as if made out of wrinkled paper. And my white table, often busy with things that wanted to be created, today is resting. Still celebrating… more like contemplating.

(After almost 5 years of living in Australia, on the 20th of July -Colombian Independence Day-, we received our Permanent Residency)


Wonderful evening this 20th of July!

… many things to be grateful for…

Let me see if I can remember everything…
Two pushbikes standing at the entrance.
A warm Tincat open and welcoming.
A busy wall with paintings and stories.
Sweet Claire making sure that everything went fine.
Michael Bollen talking about art, identity, healing, storytelling, my family,
my life, my Colombia, my Australia.

Beautiful, loved faces arriving with the most positive energy.
Creative, generous minds sharing insights, anecdotes, Stories!
“My Sister” being read, being experienced!
“Departure” standing on the window, asking to be completed
by “Initiation” and “Return”…because now I understand.

“Café & Water” being carefully handled by everyone,
as if not to disturb the past.

“What grows with trees?” small and playful, observing,
wanting to be published, loving to be able to reach so many.

And Carlos, supporting, helping, wonderful Carlos,
quiet and proud… mi compañero.

To all of you, people, stories and art, a big Thank you.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tincat Exhibition OPENING!!! - Wed 20 Jul, 6:30pm

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


All welcome to take a look at some colourful images at the Tincat Cafe. Opening night to be confirmed, but preview from July 13!
Come along, have a nice hot drink, and let me know what you think :)

Todos están invitados a ver unas imágenes llenas de color en el Tincat Cafe. La noche de apertura aún está por confirmar, pero la exhibición estará abierta al público desde el 13 de Julio!
Vengan, tómense algo bien calientico, y cuéntenme qué piensan :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

TiC tAc
tIc TaC
TiC tAc
tIc TaC
TiC tAc
tIc TaC
TiC tAc
tIc TaC
TiN cAt
tIn CaT
TiN cAt
tIn CaT!

Preparing paintings and stories for the Tincat Cafe...
exhibition starting on July 13!Wish me luck :)Preparando pinturas e historias para el Tincat Café... la exposición comienza el 13 de Julio!A prender velitas :)