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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Skippy for Otto

©2011. Skippy 1-5

Bocetos de nuestro vecino de cuatro patas amarillas. Tiene personalidad de Dingo así que es muy independiente. Le ladra al que no conoce y deja pasar calladamente al que sí, mientras observa desde las sombras. Me acuerda de Tony, un perrito que tuvieron mis abuelos durante mi infancia en Siberia. Y me acuerda de Luna, mi perrita... aunque ella sólo le ladra a los uniformados! jajaja. También me acuerda de los zorros de Otto Chin, un artista que acabo de conocer y al que admiro mucho. Aquí les comparto un poco sobre él :)

There is a little dog across the road, it's yellow and soft, has pointy ears -very much like Otto Chin's foxes, and has a free spirit. She's often outside, waiting in the shadows for people to pass, and then she jumps! and barks!... or comes slowly if you talk to her softly. Her father was a Dingo, which might explain her personality. I met her officially last Wednesday evening, her name is Skippy, like the kangaroo tv show, or the cornflakes that my husband and I eat every morning in Adelaide. Here I share with you a little bit about this wonderful artist that I mentioned before... I really admire his work :)

Otto Chin's work
An interview with Otto Chin

Que disfruten!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anzac Day - 25 de Abril...

©2011. Anzac Day 1-3
Celebrations at the Adelaide Town Hall.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Some other random studies :)

©2011. Esfinge, Viento, Agujeros en pelo.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random sketches :)

©2011. Pajaritos fuente, Ballena sonriente.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cello y músico

©2011. Chelista chino.
Chinese musician... being one with his instrument.

Preparing exhibitions, preparando exposiciones :)

©2011. Preparando Exposiciones 1-5
I have been terribly busy finishing some work for upcoming exhibitions.
But will be updating my blog soon! :)

He estado enredada de piernas y manos tratando de terminar imágenes para futuras exposiciones. Así que pronto podré actualizar mi blog! Paciencia Yago, paciencia :)

Jun 9 - Aug 8, 2011
Challinger Gallery - Royal Adelaide Hospital
North Terrace, Adelaide, SA 5000

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Paleta de Colores :)

This is one of my "coloured notes", in which I keep a record on how to achieve a particular colour. I usually keep one or two for each project. In this particular case I was using watercolours, gouaches and acrylics on paper.
Esta es una de mis "anotaciones de color", en donde escribo cómo logré algunos colores en particular. Generalmente tengo una o dos por cada proyecto. En este caso estaba utilizando acuarelas, gouaches y acrílicos sobre papel.

Here I share with you some other kind of "notes" taken from Margot Schulzke's book, A Painter's Guide to Design and Composition, which I find very useful:

Getting inspired
How to nurture that inspiration to get to the finished painting? (p. 64)
Be always on the prowl for potential subject matter.
Don’t wait for ideal circumstances to materialize. Work where and when you have to. Routinely carry a sketchbook and explore. Memory plays an important role as well.
Imagination is a big player, along with contemplation.
Plan –and plan –for success. Even if you have years of painting experience.
Choose the method of development that works best for you.

Become a Risk Taker (p. 125)
Approach every artistic effort as an experiment. Some fail, some succeed. Build upon successes and learn from failures.
Experiment with paintings that area “lost causes”. When the end result no longer matters, you’ll feel free to play.
Start fresh projects, with experimentation as the entire object. Try materials, surfaces and techniques you’d never dare try on an ordinary day.
Set the stage for creativity. Purchase the necessary equipment to allow you to paint unfettered. Establish a permanent, organized workspace.
Take the workshops you need.
Be willing to do something extreme –such as amputate.
Don’t operate on autopilot. Plan. Make thumbnails, value plans and colour studies. Explore possibilities in a non-final state when you have nothing to lose.
Make progress notes. Later you may forget how you got that great effect. Writing helps you retain ideas.
Play music in your studio that relaxes or jazzes you up. Suit it to the subject matter of mood you are striving for.
Always ask, “Why not?”

Margot Schulzke's Website


Begining of April... Bello Abril (de Fito Páez)

©2011. Reflejo TownHall, FlorMontañas, TrenzasViento.
Some drawings made at the Town Hall. The preliminary sketches are usually done before I start listening to the music, and the gesture of the lines is achieved by immersing myself into the mood of each particular piece. It's amazing how music guides your hand giving unexpected atmospheres and characters to your drawings :)

Algunos dibujos realizados en el Town Hall. Generalmente hago los bocetos preliminares antes de escuchar los conciertos, y el gesto expresado por las líneas resulta al dejarme llevar por las emociones sugeridas por las diferentes piezas musicales. Es increíble como la música nos guía las manos, sorprendiéndonos con atmósferas y personajes inesperados derramados en nuestros dibujos :)

Café & Water

©2008. Café & Water 1, 2, 3, 4 y 5.
These are some of the various studies for my artist's book Café&Water. It was a very long project because of the quantity of images, the format, the materials used and the conceptual development. But I enjoyed every little detail, specially handling elements like threads, leather, fabric and paper!
The pages are meant to be memories from my first months in Adelaide and my last days in Bogotá (memories connected, semi-transparent, delicate and hard to manipulate). The viewer makes the connections between words and images, generating new meanings and interpretations. You'll find the images of the final book on my website :)

Estos son algunos de los muchos estudios y bocetos realizados para mi libro-arte Café&Water. El proyecto tomó bastante tiempo debido a la cantidad de imágenes, el formato, los materiales utilizados y el desarrollo conceptual. Pero disfruté muchísimo cada detalle, en especial manejando elementos como el hilo, el cuero, la tela y el papel!
Cada página representa un recuerdo de mis primeros meses en Adelaide y mis últimos días en Bogotá (cada memoria se conecta con otra, es semitransparente, delicada y difícil de manipular). El espectador crea nuevas conecciones entre las palabras y las imágenes, generando nuevos significados e interpretaciones. Y el resultado final puede verse en mi página web :)

Conejo Verde... Green Rabbit

©2009. ConejoVerde 1, 2 y 3
This is a little character that wants to be the protagonist of a future story. He's very determined!
Este es un pequeño personaje que tiene ganas de protagonizar una historia en el futuro. Es súper presistente!