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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Skippy for Otto

©2011. Skippy 1-5

Bocetos de nuestro vecino de cuatro patas amarillas. Tiene personalidad de Dingo así que es muy independiente. Le ladra al que no conoce y deja pasar calladamente al que sí, mientras observa desde las sombras. Me acuerda de Tony, un perrito que tuvieron mis abuelos durante mi infancia en Siberia. Y me acuerda de Luna, mi perrita... aunque ella sólo le ladra a los uniformados! jajaja. También me acuerda de los zorros de Otto Chin, un artista que acabo de conocer y al que admiro mucho. Aquí les comparto un poco sobre él :)

There is a little dog across the road, it's yellow and soft, has pointy ears -very much like Otto Chin's foxes, and has a free spirit. She's often outside, waiting in the shadows for people to pass, and then she jumps! and barks!... or comes slowly if you talk to her softly. Her father was a Dingo, which might explain her personality. I met her officially last Wednesday evening, her name is Skippy, like the kangaroo tv show, or the cornflakes that my husband and I eat every morning in Adelaide. Here I share with you a little bit about this wonderful artist that I mentioned before... I really admire his work :)

Otto Chin's work
An interview with Otto Chin

Que disfruten!!!

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