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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wonderful evening this 20th of July!

… many things to be grateful for…

Let me see if I can remember everything…
Two pushbikes standing at the entrance.
A warm Tincat open and welcoming.
A busy wall with paintings and stories.
Sweet Claire making sure that everything went fine.
Michael Bollen talking about art, identity, healing, storytelling, my family,
my life, my Colombia, my Australia.

Beautiful, loved faces arriving with the most positive energy.
Creative, generous minds sharing insights, anecdotes, Stories!
“My Sister” being read, being experienced!
“Departure” standing on the window, asking to be completed
by “Initiation” and “Return”…because now I understand.

“Café & Water” being carefully handled by everyone,
as if not to disturb the past.

“What grows with trees?” small and playful, observing,
wanting to be published, loving to be able to reach so many.

And Carlos, supporting, helping, wonderful Carlos,
quiet and proud… mi compañero.

To all of you, people, stories and art, a big Thank you.

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