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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The education of Little Tree

©2010. Little Tree and Granma; Montañas
While reading, mientras leía:

"Granma sang and rocked slowly back and forth. And I could hear the wind talking, and Lay-nah, the spring branch, singing about me and telling my brothers. I knew I was Little Tree, and I was happy that they loved me and wanted me. And so I slept, and I did not cry." (p.6)

"Way off, a mourning dove called, long and throathy, and the mountains picked it up and echoed the sound over and over, carrying it farther away until you wondered how many mountains and hollows that call would travel - and it died away, so far, it was more like a memory that a sound." (p.25)

(...) "In the spring when everything is born (and always, when anything is born, even an idea), there's fret and fuss. There's spring storms like a baby borning in blood and pain. Granma said it was the spirits kicking up a fuss at having to get back into material forms again. Then there was the summer -our growed-up lives- and autumn when we got older and had that peculiar feeling in our spirits of being back in time. Some folks called it nostalgia and sadness. The winter with everything dead of seeming to be, like our bodies when they die, but born again just like the spring. Granma said the Cherokees knew, and had learned it long ago." (The Education of Little Tree -by Forrest Carter. p.65)