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Monday, May 23, 2011


©2011. Exhibition invite - Royal Adelaide Hospital :)

What grows with Trees?
Jun 9 - Aug 8, 2011
Challinger Gallery, Royal Adelaide Hospital

What grows with trees is an exhibition by the mixed-media artist Ana María Méndez Salgado, comprising a group of images dedicated to explore the idea of the tree as a symbol of personal growth and transformation using metaphors and visual poetry.

Inspired by the visual storytelling process, magic realism and colourful Latin-American Culture, Ana’s work has a dream-like quality and whimsical atmosphere, where extraordinary creatures seem to be comfortably portrayed in their parallel universes. She is interested in language, its context and meaning and wishes to explore the dislocation of its elements to achieve a more powerful communication. This exhibition contains a selection of images that are currently being produced as a response triggered by its existentialist question. These drawings have become witnesses of a sequential, intimate conversation.

What grows with trees?
Patience? Awareness? Awe? Haven? Love? Contact? Humbleness? Contemplation? Understanding? Life? Wisdom? Imagination? ...Identity?
Who grows with trees?

¿Qué crece con los árboles?
¿Paciencia? ¿Consciencia? ¿Asombro? ¿Refugio? ¿Amor? ¿Contacto? ¿Humildad? ¿Contemplación? ¿Entendimiento? ¿Vida? ¿Sabiduría? ¿Imaginación? ...¿Identidad?
¿Quién crece con los árboles?


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