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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What grows with trees? ...will have to wait :(

Dear all,
Unfortunately the engineering staff who are in charge of hanging up the paintings at the Challinger Gallery (Royal Adelaide Hospital) are on strike. And so this beautiful exhibition that I was SO much looking forward to sharing with you, will have to wait until further notice!!! :(
I'll be letting you know when the situation is solved, fingers crossed it's soon!

Queridos todos,
Desafortunadamente el departamento encargado de colgar las pinturas en la galería Challinger del hospital está en huelga. Y me he visto obligada a posponer esta exhibición hermosa que he querido compartirles desde hace tanto tiempo!!! :(
Les estaré avisando cuándo se solucione el problema, crucen los dedos por mí!


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