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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Namu ~ Arbol ~ Tree

El tema de Illustration Friday era: "Ayer".
El concepto lo comencé a desarrollar pensando en MI ayer. Pero dentro de ese pasado reciente que comienza a volverse distante me encontré trepando los árboles de la finca con mi hermanito. Entonces pensé en SU ayer. Y es así como dedico esta imagen a un niño que jugaba a ser súper héroe y ahora ya sabe llevar puestas sus propias alas.

The topic for Illustration Friday was: "Yesterday".
I started to develop the concept thinking about MY yesterday. But within that recent past that started to become so distant, I was able to find myself climbing the trees of our farm with my little brother. Then I thought about HIS yesterday. And so I dedicate this image to the boy that used to believe he was a super hero and now knows how to wear his own wings.



  1. I like the feather tunic he's wearing. I know it's a metaphor, but even still, it's cool.

    1. Thank you! It's good to wear metaphors once in a while... I do it when I'm feeling too brave... or not brave at all. :)


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